Elite Program
Our program is designed to provide you with the pathway to success.

Biomechanics-Increase efficiency and Accuracy,Reduce injury

Use of Technology
There are some things that can be observed with the naked eye and others that require a more detailed analysis. With the use of video technology and other cricket specific applications we are able to detect areas that require attention and provide adequate feedback to the player and involve them in the analysis.
Panel of Coaches
We have a  network of active international coaches that have vast playing and coaching experience, who work with us as is required. They are certified by various cricketing bodies worldwide. Namely, the International Cricket Council (ICC), England Cricket Board ( ECB), Australian Cricket Board ( ACB) and the West Indies Cricket Board WICBC). 
Q Principle
Quality not quantity. This cannot be overstated. We believe that the number of persons in a program does not dictate its success. As such we facilitate small groups and one on one training where knowledge can be properly imparted and the individual is given the specific attention that is needed. 
Overseas Training
Are you ready for the Next Level ? Do you want to train and play against players who have played or are playing first class and international cricket? The opportunity can be yours. Benchmark yourself by playing and training with those at another level.
Our network of past and present international players provide such an opportunity, playing on clay pitches in the Caribbean. You are guaranteed to become a better player at the end of this experience. 
Year Round Training
We are aware that Canada experiences the four seasons. This results in outdoor play for on average four months of the year.
We offer our program twelve (12) months for the year. 
Tuition & Fees
email us at OakvilleCricketAcademy@hotmail.com with your enquiries.
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